Hungary Campervan and Motorhome Rental


Choose the best campervan for a self-drive tour of Hungary. Start at Budapest where the following options are for hire:

The budget conscious could consider the mini-camper with roof tent. Excellent for saving money. These vehicles are economic. A little agility is required for climbing the ladder each night but fun when you get there! Only room for one person to sleep.

Petroni's 4-berth van conversion is well equipped for two to four travellers. It has a shower and wc built in. Cooking facilities and fridge are also included. The beds are two singles and a double. Ideal for four friends, or two couples.

The larger 4-berth campervan is also a good choice for a group of friends or a small family. There is a large range of 6-berths too for touring Hungary in real comfort and style. Many come with garages to store skis or bikes.

2 berth camper with Toilet and shower Hungary2 Berth + Toilet & Shower
4 berth Hungary4 berth
4 Berth + Toilet & Shower Hungary4 Berth + Toilet & Shower
 4 Berth  + Shower & Toilet Hungary 4 Berth + Shower & Toilet
6 Berth + Shower & Toilet Hungary 6 Berth + Shower & Toilet

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